Stash It or Trash It: 9 Things NOT to Store in Your Self Storage Unit

Published on 6/7/2023


Well, howdy folks! So, you've got yourself a self-storage unit, and you're ready to pack it tighter than a Sunday church pew. But wait just a gosh-darn minute! Before you start lugging in all your prized possessions, there's a list of things you ought not to store. Yeah, you heard me right - we've got a naughty list for storage units, and it ain't short!

  1. Foodstuffs: Y'all know those cookie tins you've been hoarding since last Christmas? Yeah, don't store 'em. They'll attract pests quicker than a spilled soda at a picnic.


  1. Living Things: This should go without saying, but your unit is no place for your pet iguana, Aunt Edna, or that fig tree you've been nurturing.


  1. Flammable Materials: This includes gasoline, paint thinner, propane, and fireworks. Unless you want to give the local fire department a run for their money, keep 'em out!


  1. Stolen Goods: Folks, your storage unit ain't a hideaway for your ill-gotten gains. If it ain't yours, it shouldn't be in your unit.


  1. Explosives: That includes ammunition, folks. Your storage unit isn't a bunker. Keep things safe and sound by leaving the boom-boom stuff at home.


  1. Illegal Substances: Let's keep things clean and above board, folks. If it ain't legal, it ain't welcome in your storage unit.


  1. Perishables: That's right, your canning and pickling hobby needs to stay in the pantry, not in the unit. It attracts critters and can cause a big ol’ stinky mess.


  1. Plants: Your unit is not a greenhouse, and your begonias won't fare well without sunlight and water. Let 'em breathe at home.
  2. Hazardous Materials: We're talking about toxic waste, biological hazards, anything that could harm folks or the environment. Leave those to the pros, okay?


So there you have it, the list of items that should never find their way into your storage unit. As a good rule of thumb, if you're wondering whether something is okay to store or not, give us a holler! We're here to help.

In conclusion, friends, remember your storage unit is for storing, not for hiding or hoarding. Treat it with respect, and it'll keep your belongings safe and sound. After all, the aim here is to keep your stuff in shipshape, not to land yourself in a heap of trouble. Happy storing, and remember – when in doubt, leave it out!