How to Select a Storage Unit Quickly without Feeling Like A Lemon

Published on 5/9/2023
How to Select a Storage Unit Quickly without Feeling Like A Lemon

Findin' a reliable storage unit is like findin' a good landlord, 'cept you only really deal with the storage company once or twice when you sign up and move in. After that, it's smooth sailin'. You pay your rent, swing by your storage unit when you need somethin', and that's that. But keep your eyes peeled for any warning signs so your storage company relationship stays on the up and up.

Figure Out What Kinda Storage Unit You Need

Take a gander at what you're plannin' to store. You might have an idea of the size of storage unit you're after, but remember, you don't just want a unit to cram all your stuff into, you want one with some wiggle room. If you ever need to fetch somethin', you don't wanna be swimmin' in a sea of boxes.

Do Your Homework

Now, let's chat 'bout findin' storage buildings, not just them at-home storage boxes you can't get to when it's time to dig out them Christmas lights. Don't just pick the closest facility to your home. Here's what to do before you even dial their number:

  • Don't fixate on location. Sure, it's temptin' to pick the closest or cheapest place, but don't limit yourself. Cast a wide net and check out a bunch of options. PRO TIP - This is how you save 💲�� money 💲💲.
  • Look up them reviews. See what folks are sayin' on Google. Take reviews with a grain of salt, but if they're mostly negative or there's a pattern, best steer clear.
  • Compare gate and office hours. Make sure they're convenient for ya. If they close early on weekends, might be a reason why.

Go Visit and Ask Questions

Alrighty, you've got a few options lined up. Time to check 'em out in person. Don't feel pressured to sign anythin' right away, even if they say units are scarce. Most companies will let you think it over for a night. While you're there, take a look around and ask some questions:

  • See if you can check out the actual unit you'd get. Don't let 'em show you a pristine one, then stick you with a dirty, bug-ridden mess.
  • PRO TIP => Ask about any rental specials or discounts. Lots of places offer the first month free or for a buck, which can make movin' in a little easier on your wallet.
  • Find out what happens if you miss or are late on a payment. Some places have strict policies, so best to know what you're gettin' into.

Once you've seen the real deal and got the lowdown on everythin', ask if you can hold the unit if you like what you see. They might say yes or no, but don't fall for high-pressure tactics. Even if you can't hold it, grab a business card so you can get in touch later.

There you have it, folks! Hopefully, this guide helps you snag the perfect storage unit. And with any luck, it's one of ours! So, no more stressin' out, just make a choice and move on with life, partner!